This blog contains international vacancies related to water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in developing countries. The blog was set up by Cor Dietvorst of IRC, but other sector organisations are also invited to contribute: create an account at WordPress.com and post a request to become a contributor in the comment box below.

Please do not send queries about vacancies to this blog. For more information or to apply for these vacancies use the link provided at the end of each posting.

14 responses to “About

  1. hi,
    can i be regularly updated on the available vacancies?

  2. Yes, to be regularly updated go to the WASH Vacancies home page where you can subscribe to newly added vacancies in a feed reader (like iGoogle or My Yahoo!) or be e-mail.

    Cor Dietvorst

  3. Hello,

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is interested in posting our relevant open positions. By requesting to be a contributor is this the correct way to post a position?

    Thank you,

  4. Dr.K.S.Viswanatham

    Useful for looking at Vacancies and info

  5. To become a contributor:

    1. Create a free WordPress account
    2. Send your request to dietvorst@irc.nl, mentioning the name of your organisation and the e-mail address you used to register at WordPress.com

  6. Click on the link for more information or use the employer’s contact address provided. Please do not send applications to the WASH Vacancies blog.

  7. Wonderful. Its a useful site for WASH professional. Mr. Dietvorst is really appreciated for undertaking such humanitarian services.

    Abdul Qadir
    WASH Professional

  8. Can I be notified of the WASH vacancies weekly or regularly as and when the vacancies are available?

  9. I’d like to post WASH jobs on this site for Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, do I have to have a blog in order to post jobs?

  10. Miriam Di Francia

    Thank you for this website. I would like to start making experience in this field through a internship: can I find something here or is there a blog/website you could recommend ?

  11. Thanks for your blog, great site. Other jobs in environmental chemistry and water research can be found here: http://www.enjobs.org

  12. Are inviting you as contributor

  13. Thank you – Looking forward to posting SNV’s job opportunties for our WASH Sector.

  14. Samuel D. Woods

    I am a Liberian who have worked in the WASH sector for very long period of time. I worked as a WASH monitor, and Supervisor for the Liberian Red Cross for 7years and implemented WASH project in remote region, but overall I serve as a supervisor for Dead Bony Management (SDB) during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.
    I knowledge in IPC, community based WASH project, water treatment, Population movement response procedure, and other.
    This is just to name a few.

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